Here you will find recent reviews of my current students, some are already happy owners driving dream.

Lukasz, Belfast, 15.07.2011: I highly recommend Auto-Pass. The instructor is a nice, reliable, accurate and knows his stuff. I went to the exam well prepared, I passed the first time without problems. For this price class is affordable. Once again, I would recommend.

Gosia, Belfast, 02.08.2011: Lessons with Maciej were very pleasant and stress-free. There was no screaming at me so I was going to each meeting with pleasure while I was building my confidence as a driver. Maciej was always patient and able to pass the knowledge on the various ways, so make me understand.

Kamil, Belfast: I highly recommend-lessons with Mr. Maciej. By professional and individual approach he was able to pass his knowledge in the accessible way. Already after 20 hours, I was ready for the exam who and I passed.

Ilona, Belfast: Before I had started I my lessons with Maciej, I was already after 3 unsuccessful exams with another instructor. Only when I started with him, how much I was still missing. Maciej helped me build the confidence you need during the exam, and just today I passed! The only thing I regret is that I haven’t started driving lessons with him at the very beginning.

Adil, Belfast: Magic is a really good driving instructor, i knew how to drive before i started with him so it was just a matter of learning what is expected of me on the exam. It only took 10h to get my first time pass top marks cheers m8..

Iza, Belfast: before getting into the car with Maciej I didn’t even know what a clutch is, but gradually and systematically Maciej has built in me confidence I need to use on the road. I used to think that driving a car is not for me and now I’m very pleased that I can go shopping on my own! I love this freedom! Big thanks ;););););).

Paul, Belfast, 30.04.2012: I passed my practical driving test on first attempt. Maciej is good and funny guy who show in all alternative ways to be the best, also Auto-Pass is cheap and can make good deal with lesson hours. I strongly recommend Maciej for future drivers.

Renata, Newtownabbey, 11.05.2012: I recommend Maciej as an instructor for professional and reliable exam preparation, he provides valuable hints and thanks to his motivation skills I have passed my driving exam. Thanks a lot.

Ada, Belfast, 24.05.2012: I recommend Maciej, because is a very good instructor. Hi is giving fill attention to his students, tries to explain everything in a simple and understandable way. I passed my driving exam on first attempt.

Agata, Glengormley: Po kilku nieudanych probach zdawania egzaminu prawa jazdy z innymi instruktorami jestem szczesliwa ze u Macka zdalam za pierwszym razem!! mila i przyjemna atmosfera w ciagu trwania nauki. Bardzo polecam! Dzieki Macku jeszcze raz!.

Kasia z Belfastu: 09.06.2012: A 100% recommend instructor Maciej and thank you for being such a professional. Driving lessons were pleasure and very positive experience. He is a professional, who provide knowledge in a way understandable to everyone. Valuable advice, great patience, nice atmosphere and his incredible modesty)))). Thank you again, passed the exam for the first time, I owe you. See you on the road 😉 regards.

Anna, Lisburn 18.06.2012: Thank you very much for the professional preparation of the exam, for your patience and understanding unbelievable!! Recommend everyone with a clear conscience! Maciej is a good instructor, I passed at first attempt!

Kasia from Belfast 03.08.2012 : Maciej is a great instructor. Great preparation for the exam in a friendly atmosphere and he is 100% pro. I Highly recommend him with a clear conscious you won’t regret!!! Thank you for my passed exam I is all thanks to you.

Agnieszka from Belfast 09.08.2012 Many thanks for being a pro and full commitment, thanks to all that I passed at the first time.

Paulina from Newtownards 29.08.2012 :Maciej is really patient person, and very easily transfers all his knowledge on to you ;). Great instructor worth recommending I passed my exam in a very short time. Many Thanks 😉

Beata Glengormley 01.09.2012 I wanted to thank you for all the effort and hard work put in to my training it will certainly not go to waste. I recommend Maciej with all my hearth, great atmosphere and professional tuition through all the course and precise instructions. I will remember the lessons with sentiment 

Iza Belfast 15.11.2012 HI! I recommend “the best” instructor Maciej  lessons where easy, stress les and with humor. Maciej is REALLY patient, precise and demanding in a good way and all that gives you great result on the end 😉

Krzysiek Belfast 18.11.2012 I had 33h and never drove a car before I started with Maciej and I passed at the first time. Thank you for all precious tips you gave me that aloud me to approach my exam with confidence and calm manner. I highly recommend if you want to gain your skills and knowledge in a friendly atmosphere.

Ela Belfast 20.11.2012 : As Maciej student I wanted to thanks for being a pro and commitment to doing his job at 100% all the time. The way his passing the knowledge on to students is easy and funny sometimes 😉 all that made me really comfortable with my skills and made exam really easy. Highly recommend

Magda Glengormley 21.11.2012 thank you for all the hard work and commitment applied to my training and mainly for making my passed exam a reality _ Magda (with junior) ;P

Ewa Belfast 26.11.2012I drove, I survived I passed, I highly recommend driving lessons with Auto-Pass and thank you to Maciej for professional approach, patience, and understanding, and brave handling of constant questions, and repeated mistakes.

Angelika Belfast 06.12.2012Hi I want give Maciej my big thanks for all the hard work applied to my training. He is the Best instructor in Belfast. If you want to take driving lessons do it only with him. Maciej you are the best. Thanks to you I passed at the first time.

Beata Glengormley 07.12.2012: I just would like to big thanks to Maciek for his really nice and friendly atmosphere during prepare to the practical test.You can explain and show how to be a good driver in your own but very good way.Because u r so patient and support me all the time I wasn’t stress at all.
So I would like recommended in 100% auto-pass driving school for everyone who wants to learn driving in Belfast.Once again thanks a lot:))))

Lucy Whiteabbey 17.12.2012: Thank you very much Maciej for everything what you taught me. You are very, very good instructor. All the time a driving was pleasant with you. Warmly thank you one more . Good luck in your future with teaching others to drive. 🙂 Lucy

Joanna Belfast 18.12.2012:
Macku i wolud like to thank you very much for extreme patience pro like approach. During the lessons wchih always passed in the stress free enviroment i never could say tha you where even slightly annoyed hearing the same questions over and over again. Thanks toy your valuable tips i passed my exam 1st time with only 3 minors. Best driving instructor ever.

Marzena Glengormley 30.01.2013:
I also wolud like to reccomend Maciej thanks to him i regained belief in my own skills.

Izabela Newtownabbey 31.01.2013:
Thaaaaaaaaanks ;)) first time pass thats all i have to say 😉

sebastian Belfast 12.02.2013: I Highly reccomend Auto-Pass driving school i passed at the first attempth with only 5 driving lessons.

Kasia Newtownards 11.04.2013 after many bad experiances with other instructors finally i foud you ;). Thank you for a great patience unike way of transfering the knowledge to me and great fun whilest driving. Passing the exam became reality only with you THANKS ;))

Martyna Belfast 24.04.2013 3rd time pass but who cares i got me licence for the rest of my life great atmosfere to ;)))

Krystyna Newtownabbey 25.04.2013 Thank you very much for getting me ready for the exam all the time money and effort was well spent 1 st time pass ;))))

Agnieszka Newtownabbey 30.04.2013 Thank you very much to Maciej for great exam preparation. Atmosphere on the lessons was always great, and his approach to a lesson always professional and every lesson was increasing my confidence on the road. Thaaaaaaaaaaank you very much once again I highly recommend Auto-Pass driving school.

Pola Belfast 13.05.2013Thank you for perfect exam preparation and all the knowledge that you passed on to me whilst beeing complete pro on every lesson. I had lesson with ABBA driving school but i felt I have not made any progress until i started with you. Highly reccomended 1st time pass ;))))

Piotr Belfast 12.06.2013Hi I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put in my exam preaparation that i passed 1st time ;). All the lessons will be usefull and remembered all my life. The best decision I made was to start lessons with you THANKS ;))

Beata Belfast 14.06.2013Thank you for the perfect exam preparation 😉 first time pass 😉

Konrad Belfast 25.06.2013Thanks again for great exam prep and fantastic atmosfere during the lesson i reccomend Auto-Pass a Mr. Maciej Schmidt to everyone.

Arek Belfast 06.07.2013Fun precise and Fully proffesional;)

Honorata Newtownabbey 02.08.2013Reading all the positive comments it is hard to come up with something original but i have to admit that Maciej commits to his work 100% and that gives you the best results. On top of that he is very patience. And has his own natural way of doing things. I still cant belive i already passed thanks very much 🙂

Justyna Belfast 05.08.2013Fats Easy and Fun and i passed first time 😉

Magda Glengormley23.08.2013Maciej thank you very much for the commitment and time you invested in my preparation to the exam, that i passed at the first time. I think you are the best instructor and will recommend you to everyone. I highly respect your passion and commitment to your work. thanks 😉

Emilia Monkstown 29.08.2013Maciej Thank you for pleasant atmosphere and great exam preparation ( that i passed at the first time. I recommend Auto-Pass to everyone.

Dagmara Belfast 02.09.2013I highly recommend Maciej because he is reaaaaaaly patient and understanding. In a funny way shows you driving techniques. Very Pleased 🙂

Julita Belfast 11.09.2013Maciej thank you for time and patience thanks to you i passed my test. I highly recommend Maciej as your instructor. really professional approach to teaching. Thanks 🙂

Natalia 18.09.2013To everyone who would like to learn how to drive and for some reason have not done this yet, I highly recommend Maciej. Lessons in a great atmosphere and guaranteed success at the first time.

Claire Scott Belfast 01.10.2013Thank you Maciej for helping me pass my test first time! You were so patient with me and really helpful, always reminding me it’s not a race and to take my time (even thought I thought it was) Also, teaching me to drive with the radio on or chatting to me while driving has helped me loads and gave me a real confidence boost! Cos I know not all instructors are as helpful with that! Will defo recommend you to anyone that’s looking for a really good driving instructor! Thanks so much & i’ll see you on the roads

Jacek Sliwinski Belfast 09.10.2013KING MACIEJ THE 1st 🙂 you wont find better driving instructor in belfast. A toutor, friend and a proffesional who’s goal is to make you feel comfortable during the drive and make sure that you happy whilst driving. Thank you very much.

Marta Wieczorek Glengormley 22.10.2013Best instructor ever !!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all ;))

Ania Ondycz 06.12.2013 Belfast Maciej thank you so much for a great time. Thanks to you I believed in my self, despite me thinking I am not a driver material. Angel patience 😉 highly recommended and i started from zero 🙂

Hania Karsznia 17.12.2013 Glengormley Maciej than you so much for the tuition, patience and precious pointers. Thanks to you i felt ready for the exam, despite being really scared. Passed first time whooooooooo i will miss the red lightning 🙂

Ania Kulczynska Belfast 20.01.2014I will start off that you are great guay, and good looking to :), thank you for you patience, and for beeing picky and annoying sometimes too 🙂

Agnieszka Kasprowicz 27.01.2014 I would recommend Maciek, as a professional instructor in what he does, a better teacher you will not find…

Aneta Fornal Belfast 13.02.2014 Generally thank you wery much – great job 🙂

Ola Makleburg Belfast 27.02.2014Many thanks for everything 🙂

Ania Piasecka Belfast 09.04.2014Thank you for your patience, commitment, and belive in me even when i stopped to belive i can do it 🙂

Paulina Cichonska Belfast 18.04.2014Thank you for all you did for me. Your commitment passion, patience, and high personal culture lessons with you where easy and intresting and fun 🙂 Passed first time many thanks 🙂

Agnieszka Kucala Glengormley 09.06.2014I lost belive many times but you sticked with me did not let go and pushed me foward and finally i can say i did it. Fifth time lucky 🙂

Alicja Ochojska Glengorlmley 21.06.2014I Highly recommend Maciej great job and thank you 🙂

Gabriela Wiczling Newtownabbey 26.06.2014Thank you for great lessons in a friendly atmosphere Many thanks FIRST TIME PASS 🙂

Alicja Smigalska Belfast 23.08.2014Thank you very much for all the great advice you gave me. I passed first time no problems whooop whooop 🙂

Malwina Kedzia Belfast 24.08.2014I can not thank you enought for all the hard work you put in im my trainingg, i passed first time with only 20h of driving 🙂

Kamila Grochowalska Belfast 3.09.2014Finally i passed !!!! Thank you so much for belive commitment , and not giving up on me even when i did 🙂

Ania Kenig Dunmurry 24.09.2014Passed first time nothing else much to say but thank you very much for all the hard work 🙂

Joanna Goriwoda Glengormley 15.10.2014Thank you so much for for the great experience that was learning to drive. If you are the person that thinks driving is not for you think again. With Maciej even the hardest task seams to be very easy. Thank you for your patience commitment and believe 🙂

Dagmara Belfast 27.10.2014Thanks for your patience and commitment to your job and stress free tuition and great atmosphere along the way. And great conversations outside the subject of driving 🙂

Krystyna Lempicka Belfast 03.11.2014I can honestly recommend Maciej as your instructor patience, commitment, and being a pro that is what i can tell about him. And when you explain something it is all sound very easy 🙂

Kasia Radtke Belfast 21.11.2014I Highly recommend Maciej!!!! first of all he is a real pro with a huge patience (i could not stand myself panicking all the time) but he kept cool and pushed me forward i passed first time 🙂

Urszula Dmoch Belfast 05.12.2014For the people that had some previous experience first lesson may feel awkward but after you get rid of all the bad habits its all smooth sailing. Great instructor always punctual no faults 🙂

Viktoria Dudasowa Belfast 08.12.2014Thank you so much for everything :))))))

Renata Lewandowska Belfast 06.01.2015Great Instructor !!!! What else is here to say 🙂 Fun and stress free lessons :))

Anna Donajska Belfast 17.01.2015Thanks again for great atmosphere an patience. :)))))

Gosia Rysiew Belfast 22.01.2015A right person in the right job. He just knows exactly what to do to get yoe where he wants.A always gives 100% Highly recommend

Kasia Winiecka Belfast 10.03.2015my dreams came true!!!! its what i wanted get, thank you Maciej Schmidt, for ur patience, now i know that if everyone can get it if just u will want to, Im over the moon!!!!! thank you for all!!!!

Sylwia Rdzanek Belfast 27.03.2015Thanks Maciek. You are the best teacher ever

Monika Nowak Belfast 21.04.2015Thanks Maciej for your patience to my Adhd personality 🙂 The fact that i passed my exam is one thing. But the fact that I have learned to enjoy driving a car its a great thing on its own 🙂 A++++ Teacher 🙂

Dagmara Czerniak Newtownabbey 28.04.2015There was some stress but I made it. ON the other hand with instructor like that , there was no other option. One big bottle of gin thats what you will get fro me 🙂

Kamil Rozynek Belfast 29.04.2015Thanks very much for everything. I will always remember lessons with you as a great fun 🙂

Monika Gorecka Belfast 07.05.2015Before Maciej 3 people tried to teach me how to drive with bad results. And when I thought I will never drive i found you and there we go it took a while but finall got my licence Thank you so much 🙂

Ewelina Zawodnik Belfast 14.05.201514 Lessons and first time pass what else here to say thank you very much 🙂

Miroslaw Langer Glengormley 19.05.20158h Lessons qucik course and got my licence first time pass whooooop whooooop 🙂

Basia Brauner Glengormley 26.05.2015Thank you so much for everything now i can drive my kids to school 🙂 passed first time 🙂

Aneta Glogowska Belfast 27.05.2015It only took 3 months and i have licence and when i started i could not imagine myself as a driver. Passed first time many thanks 🙂

Aneta Gawlik Glengormley 28.05.2015It has been great journey with a fantastic end thank you so much for beeing great teacher with a lot of patience :))

Charmaine Yamsa Belfast 01.07.2015After two other driving instructors i thought i will never drive and how wrong was I thank you so much. 🙂

Magdalena Pawlowska Belfast 01.07.2015Yaaaaaahaaa passed first time thank you so much 🙂

Richard Hobson Belfast 03.08.2015First time pass quality 🙂

Maciej Newtownabbey 01.09.2015First time pass what else to say 🙂

Patryk Rozynek 15.09.2015 BelfastThank you so much for great tuition most recommendet 🙂

Jessica Grieve Belfast 02.10.2015Thank you so much for everything you are a pro 🙂

Aneta Fiszer Belfast 09.10.2015Only thanks to you i could pass my test first time 🙂

Grzegorz Jalowiecki Belfast 20.11.2015For those who never have anything to do with the cars i was the same and passed first time 🙂 From zero to a hero many thanks Maciej 🙂

Bartosz Palubicki Belfast 24.11.2015To everybody whos looking for a great professional instructor there is only one option MAciej Schmidt 🙂

Kamil Giza Belfast 27.11.2015First time pass zero stress just like that 🙂 Cheers

Konrad Szydlowski Belfast 02.02.2016And just like that first time pass Thanks 🙂

Agnieszka Davis Belfast 22.03.2016No problem no hassle always on time first time pass 🙂

Patrycja Paluchiewicz Belfast 04.04.2016And now i can drive from and to work thank you so much 🙂 first time pass 🙂

Ewelina Rozgodzinska Belfast 20.06.2016Second time lucky thank you 🙂

Tomek Kakol Glengormley 30.06.2016Well that wass easy 🙂 thanks to you 🙂

Justyna Belfast 19.07.2016I should get it on the first time but still thank you for all the patience 🙂

Edyta Adamczyk Belfast 15.09.2016Done and dusted 🙂 cant believe it went so fast 🙂

Agnieszka Grochowicka Belfast 01.10.2016Best instructor in Belfast thank you so much first time pass cant believe it 🙂

Anna Zachariasz 08.11.2016 Instructor with mission and angels patience

Krystyna Kucala 23.11.2016 It took a while but it finally got to me i passed my test thank you 🙂

Patryk Kulczynski 10.12.2016 Best instructor in town 🙂

Agata Polar 10.12.2016 I really enjoyed driving with Maciek, good teacher with excellent skills � highly recommended.

Sebastian Cholewa 19.12.1016Great instructor with great attitiude 🙂

Klaudia Borgusz 03.01.2017 highly reccomended great intructor with fantastic approach

Karolina Balcerek 31.01.2017Real pro 🙂

Kleofas Ligocki 28.02.2017 5 stars all the way 🙂

Ewa Pietrzycka 27.02.2017Best intructor ever 🙂

Monika Mizera 30.03.2017passed passed passed first time 🙂

Beata Kaufmann 10.05.2017very profesional and detailed tuition thanak you 🙂

Agnieszka kochanowska 15.05.2017Changed the intructor to Maciek-the best thing I’ve done! Great driving instructor with a lot of patience and teaching methods clear to anybody. Once again-thank you!!!!

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