When learning to drive, there are certain things you’ll need to know and do:

Apply for your provisional drivers licence online through the DVLA or by picking up an application form at the Post Office (DL1). Along with an application you need to attach 2 passport photos and valid ID (eg. passport) and confirmation of your address for the last 3 months (eg. electricity bill). Total cost is 50 pounds and application should be send to: DVA, County Hall, Coleraine, BT51 3TB or taken to the local DVA office.

Your driving test is made up of 2 elements: theory and practical. You need to pass your Theory Test before you can apply for your practical Driving Test.
Towards the end of your course of driving lessons, we’ll give you a mock driving exam under full driving test conditions, to show you there’s nothing to fear.

Part 1: Theory Test
The theory element can be taken as soon as you’ve received your valid provisional licence. It consists of 2 parts: multiple choice and hazard perception.
Multiple choices will test your knowledge of the Highway Code. You’ll have 57 minutes to answer 50 questions, with 43 or more needed to pass. Hazard perception involves 14 different video clips, showing scenarios unfolding where you’ll be required to spot various hazards. You’ll need to achieve a minimum of 44/75 to pass.

Part 2: Practical Test
Your practical element will begin with a brief eyesight test, followed by 2 show me/ tell me questions involving your car. You’ll then drive for roughly 40 minutes of which 10 minutes will be independent driving, showing that you’re able to handle your car proficiently. To pass, you’ll need to make no major errors and no more than 15 minor ones.

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